Scientific assessments

Assuring a sound scientific basis for our work and conducting continuous scientific evaluation in order to improve what we do is of prime importance to BERAS Implementation. Studies of environmental, economic and social impacts of conversion to ecological recycling agriculture (ERA) take place within the project. This work is carried out in close cooperation with the advisers of the ERA conversion farms. The aim is to assist the farms with the best available knowledge and practice, and at the same time further develop and refine our knowledge of ecological recycling agriculture and all its aspects.

Other tasks include: supporting the compilation of Guidelines for conversion to ERA; formulation of recommendations for national, regional, and local decision-makers; and, evaluate our work in terms of its contribution to the Helcom Baltic Sea Action Plan, the EU Water Framework Directive, and the EU Marine Strategy Framework Directive.

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Did you know?

An average Swede uses 4000 m2 of arable land for their food production.

Half of that area, 2000 m2 per person, would be enough if we reduce the amount of meat to about 20% of the food consumed.

2000 m2 per person corresponds to the average of Earth’s total cultivated area, divided equally among all people.