Main Outputs


The 24 project partners of BERAS Implementation (2010-2013) have realised a number of main outputs during the project time. These span the whole spectrum of activities undertaken within the project and range from:

  • Guidelines for conversion to Ecological Recycling Agriculture (ERA), aimed mainly at farmers and advisors, including agronomic measures and optimization strategies, economic aspects of conversion, marketing support and ideas, and practical examples from ERA farms around the Baltic Sea. Software tools help to improve crop rotation planning and nitrogen fluxes at farm level are part of this package.
  • Reports on aspects of conversion to ERA: more popular descriptions, policy-oriented recommendations for national and transnational levels and scientific assessments.
  • Investment and business plans for various aspects of the conversion process.
  • Education programme and materials for all levels; kindergarten, basic school, university, and regional workshops for farmers and advisors.
  • Pool of expertise which lists experts in the areas of Ecological Recycling Agriculture, Sustainable Food Societies, Diet for a Clean Baltic and research and education related to these fields.
  • Cooperation with other projects within the Baltic Sea Region Programme 2007-2013.