BERAS Implementation forms networks of stakeholders in all 10 countries around the Baltic Sea including

24 Project Partners

  • Advisory centers, research institutions, universities etc.

  • Farmers' organisations

  • Local governments


35 Associated Organisations

  • Ecological and environmental NGOs

  • Farmers' organisations

  • Food Chain actors

  • Ministries, regional and local governments


Other stakeholders

  • Food chain: farmers, processors, trade

  • Policy makers, EU

  • Consumers

Did you know?

Clover and other leguminous species have the capacity to fix atmospheric nitrogen due to their symbiosis with rhizobium bacteria in their root nodules.

The nitrogen fixated in the soil functions as fertilizer for other crops in a crop rotation.

Fixation of nitrogen builds up the humus content in the soil which also has the advantage of reducing it as a greenhouse gas in the atmosphere