– Implementing BERAS

BERAS Implementation has a solid scientific basis, a strong partnership and supporting network, and co-operates with grassroots entrepreneurs with competence within the whole food chain.

The project develops various concepts and supports practical implementation. This is partly consumer-driven but we also need to change the institutional frameworks. For example agricultural policy should include Ecological Recycling Agriculture (ERA) that is based on local renewable resources.

One of the most important issues is the EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).                           

Our task is both to make changes in the framework and to properly understand the opportunities for change in the existing rules and regulations.                                                                                                                                           

Following the above BERAS Implementation offers a dialogue with politicians in order to promote a good environmental status of the Baltic Sea, mitigate adverse climate effects from agriculture, and secure a sustainable and prosperous development in the region.

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Food– Diet for a                              Clean Baltic

 As a consumer changing what you eat is the most important action you can take to save the environment. The following criteria can guide your choice of food weather you are an individual consumer, a professional responsible for purchases in the public sector, or running a restauran

Ecological Recycling Agriculture

In ecological recycling agriculture the number of animals is balanced with the available farm land. A sustainable number of, for example, cows correspond with what the land can produce in fodder...

Networks                                 Sustainable Food Societies

We believe in the strength of a network involving actors from the wholefood chain, from plough to plate. Therefore we establish and support the development of local food clusters in all countries around the Baltic Sea...

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